Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Come hell or high winds...

This does not bode well for Lovebugs beach birthday bash!

But, come hell or high winds we're celebrating this weekend! I can't wait to sing her happy birthday and watch her eat her first bite of cake! Knowing her she's going to dig in with both hands! 

Last night Hubby and I had an emotional night. We looked through my iPhone at the first pictures we were sent of Lovebug right after she was born and then scrolled through the hundreds we've taken since then. We laughed at how chubby she used to be and cried at how skinny she's getting! We were amazed at how much that little wrinkly little baby looks just like our Isla now, but how when she was that tiny we couldn't imagine what she'd look like at 1. We sat there just thinking about where we were at this time last year and where we are now.

At this time last year we were all sorts of scared and excited. Having gone through a failed adoption prior we were hesitant to put our whole hearts in, but found it impossible not to. At this time last year, C had already had one false labor scare so we were on edge wondering how soon Lovebug would come. Ever day that passed just compounded that anxiety. At this time last year, I would wander into the still babiless nursery and wonder what it would be like to finally rock our baby in the rocking chair or to hear quiet cries coming from the crib. Often just sitting in there dreaming of what could be.

But now, a year later, as I sit and write this I'm surrounded by toys and folded toddler clothes in shades of pink and purple. Where there used to be pictures of just hubby and I, now hangs family pictures with Mommy, Daddy and Lovebug.  The once empty nursery is now occupied by a precious little girl sleeping soundly in her crib and this once broken yearning heart has now been filled to the max, over flowing in fact with love for the baby I prayed for, for so long.

So bring it on Tropical Storm Emily. There's no storm big enough to squash the celebrating we'll be doing this weekend. We're celebrating our girl! Lets party toddler style!

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