Our Adoption Timeline

March 2009:
  • After years of TTC, the fruits of past dicussions about adoption begin to emerge as we feel a strong pull toward adoption. 
  • We decide to go with Bethany Christian Services and make initial contact with them.
  • We begin telling people that we've decided on adoption and within a week we're matched with an old family friend of Hubby! We put off our original plan to sign with Bethany Christian Services to go the private route to save money.
May 2009:
  • Failed placement. We're devastated. We learn that we'd been lied to the entire time and used for finacial gain.
  • Adoption hopes put on hold due to heart ache and what we feel is lack of Financial resources.....
October &November 2009:
  •  Since we never tried IF treatments, we decide to give IUI a try. After 2 attempts we know this is not where God wants us. More money wasted...
December 2009:
  • Knowing what god wanted from us, but not knowing how we'd do it since we only had about 1/2 of the total cost we knew we'd need, we went back to our original plan and signed with BCS and began all the paperwork!
January 2010:
  • Training classes done, homestudy finished (really updated, since we had one from previous adoption attempt), profiles made... we're officially a waiting family!!!!
May 2010:
  • We got "the call"! We'd been chosen by an expectant mother out of state back in February, but they wanted to wait until her 3rd trimester to tell us!! She's expecting a little girl and would like to meet with us if possible!!! We of course said yes and made plans to meet her!
June 2010:
  • We made the journey north to meet with C and her family! We drove for 8 hours straight and head straight to lunch. I even had to change clothes in the car so I wouldn't look so frumpy!
  • Our visit was amazing! C is an amazing person who loves the Lord and her baby girl! Although we spent a few hours getting to know C and her parents, it feels like we've known them for years. We exchanged email addresses and made plans to keep in touch from that point on!
  • On the way back home, we heard from S (C's sw) who told us that C felt the meeting went so well and it was better than she expected!!
August 2010:
  • After 1 false labor scare, Lovebug is born and spends her first 2 days in the arms of her birth mother and birth family! 2 days later, our world changed forever as we met our beautiful baby girl for the first time!! Read that story here!

    Now we're in an amazing long distance OA with C and her family. We feel so blessed that even through our disobedience to what we knew god wanted for us and our disbelief that he would provide all that we needed, he still worked all things together for good (Romans 8:28) and brought us our daughter and her amazing birth family!