Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My baby, you amaze me!

Ok, I'll just say it: My daughter amazes me daily! I never cease to be amazed at the things she knows and says. A few days ago, as I made breakfast and Lovebug played at her play kitchen, I started to hear her count... in SPANISH!

"Uno, dos, tress, cuatro, cinco, seis...."

Say what?!! The most amazing thing is we've never worked on counting in Spanish to her. She loves Dora and Handy Manny, which is undoubtedly where she learned it, but that's the amazing thing to me. She doesn't sit in front of the TV all day. We watch maybe one or 2 shows a day after waking from a nap or while I'm cooking dinner. She just hears or sees things and soaks them up! It's crazy.

Then today as we drove past the local post office I heard a tiny voice from the back seat say "Cisten?" (Cristen, bmom's imaginary blog name ;)). It took me a second to realize where we were and then it dawned on me, the last time we went to the post office was a few days ago to mail off a Mothers Day package to C. We talked all about it and I let Lovebug decorate the package with markers and tape. We wrapped it in Lovebugs special, squiggly paper and talked about how excited C would be to get this in the mail. Anyhow, as we drove past the post office again, she must have been remembering our trip to mail C's gift. But, then she amazed me again. She went on with her thoughts "Cisten? Nanny? Eat Pizza!" I can't tell you what I felt when she said that. It was really something.

As I sat there and listened to my 21 months old daughter recount our last visit with her birthmom and birthgrandparents I just melted! Melted! I know 6 weeks doesn't seem like very long to an adult, but it seems like a long time for a 21 month old. She remembered everything "Pizza hot" (we kept making her wait to eat becuase the pizza was like molten lava. seriously), "see water" (there was a water fountain in the town square that she wanted to see so badly, but had to wait until after dinner), "Hug Nanny". She talked about it like it was yesterday. She even recounted a funny part of the visit "Papa.... I shy". She had a hard time warming up to C's dad this time. She would talk and laugh with C and N, but then when P would look at her she'd freeze and look at the ground. Apparently this stuck out in her brain too and she felt is was worthwhile to mention again.

It was a fitting conversation to have on the eve of this weekend. It was comforting. Although Lovebug may not yet understand the place C holds in her life, she knows C's there and even though we've only seen them twice since Lovebug was born, she seems to know they're important enough people to file in her brain. Not just random people we bumped into and had pizza with. It make me feel that, even through the recent frustrations I felt in our OA, it's worth it. It's all worth it.

It makes this Mama's heart happy and I'm pretty sure it makes her birthmama's heart happy as well :)