Thursday, February 16, 2012

Word of God speak

Whew. Ever have your plans laid out and then God throws you a curve ball that you have to decide quickly whether to swing at or let it pass you by and hope it wasn't a strike? Yeah, we're there.

Our plans. Let me first start out by saying, you'd think by now we'd know that *our* plans rarely work out the way we planned them. But, our plans for baby number 2 have been that we would start the adoption process at the beginning of summer. We have a few things that we'd like to get done before then, a few which are already done and few that aren't and it seemed like a good time frame.

Well, this past weekend we learned, with out going into too much detail, that there are a handful of babies that are going to be born by May and only 1 family open to adopting them. Hearing this our hearts sank. WE would love to be parents to anyone of these sweet babies, but how could it work in time? Financially how could we raise all the fee's needed, buy all the baby stuff we need, and prepare for another family memeber in just 2 1/2 months?!

Then yesterday, after praying for guidance and asking to hear the Lords voice clearly, I opened my bible to the first chapter of Luke (the next book to read in my reading plan). I couldn't help but notice the theme: in 2 separate occasions angels appeared to announce that a son would be born in an unlikely circumstances (John the Baptist and Jesus) and although in both circumstances there was a bit of confusion, Gabriel told Mary this:

 "For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37

Wow! Thank you Lord! The words jumped off the page and straight into my heart. Nothing will be impossible! Not finances. Not life circumstances. Nothing!

Hubby and I are still committing this to prayer, but I know whatever he tells us and whatever our path maybe, Luke 1:37 is a promise straight from God that I will cling to in every circumstance! Praise God!

If you could, pray for us. Pray for Gods clear guidance and provisions. We want His will of our lives and the life of our future child. Pray that His will be done.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The chain of love: Grandparents

Grandmas. I love Grandmas. Grandpas too for that matter, but sadly I lost both of mine fairly early. But, there's something about a Grandma that just makes you feel warm and loved. There tho ones that would spoil you and send you home as a kid. The ones that looked on is horror when your mother dared to scold her perfect little baby when that baby broke the rules. They're just the ultimate soft place to land... like a mom and steroids.

Lovebugs Grandma's fit just that. She can do no wrong to them and all they care to do is just watch her be and cuddle with her. I feel so blesses for my sweet little girl that she has 2 amazing Grandma's (and Grandpa's) that melt at the mention of her name. Seriously, my mom will call and ask how "our baby" is doing that day. I can respond with "She's good. We're having a snack." and all I can hear is a long drawn out "Awwweeeee!" on the other end of the phone. I'm pretty sure I could say anything about Lovebug to her and get that response. I know that forever she'll have that soft place to land with them. An understanding ear and a warm hug. There's just no words to describe that kind of love.

Lovebug also has 2 Great Grandma's who adore her every move. Hubbys Grandma just got Skype and her first thought was... I can call Lovebug now whenever I want! She was so excited to be able to do that. Then last night I was talking with my Grandma when I mentioned that Lovebug had been sick. She quickly interrupted me and said "What?! Whats wrong with my baby?!" She then went on to mush over how Lovebug is the cutest baby ever (and added a "sorry, you were cute too, but Lovebug... well she's the cutest!" lol!) and then toward the end of the conversation she said  "I just don't know how you two got so lucky as to be her parents..."  I don't know either Gabby. I don't know either.

Then to top off the Grandparent love, Lovebug also has a Grandma and Grandpa on her Birthmoms side who love her immensely and spoil her even if it's from afar. I wish we lived closer so we could see them more often, but I know they think of her daily, pray for her daily and love her daily. I can't tell you how grateful I am for that.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Is this a joke?

Is this a joke? Should it be?

I get it. I do. Your the older brother and your pesky little sister does nothing but annoy you. So to get back at her you tell her she's actually adopted and watch her squirm as the prospect swirls through her head. I get that at age 7, this seems like the ultimate burn.

But is this how the world as a whole still views adoption? As a cruel joke? Well, look around long enough and you'll see it posted as "hilarious!" or "so funny and true!".

I've seen a few adoptive moms comment that it doesn't bother them and that they actually find it kinda funny. To each their own I guess, but what I see is the continuance of an uphill battle that my sweet girl will have to climb. The idea that adoption is a cruel joke or at best second best and, sorry, that's not ok with me.

I realize that we can't sensor the world. We can't completely keep our kids from hearing hurtful things in regard to adoption or being adopted, but what we can do is educate our little circles in whats appropriate and whats not. We can and we should. If we can't stand up and be advoctates for adoption acceptance, how can we expect our kids to be?