Monday, January 16, 2012

Are you ready? It's potty time!

I'm not sure I'm ready.

I'm not totally convinced Lovebug is ready.

But, she's giving us some tell tales clues that she's at least ready to feel it out.

I think we're going to just take it slow. Give her opportunities to to try it out and not make a huge deal about it. She's just so little still and I think making any sort of rigorous attempt to "potty train" at this point would be silly and will just be stressful for all of us.

So why push the issue? Yeah, don't worry, I can't find a why either. We're just going to take it slow. :)

So then there's the potty option. Potty seat or potty chair? I see the pros and cons to both:

Potty Chair (free standing):
  • At her level to get on and off
  • Maybe less daunting than "The big potty"
  • Portable! (the idea of her using public potties at this point is disgusting!)
  • It's HER potty. I think she'd like having a special little throne of her own.
  • One more thing to clean
  • Because its at her level it would be easier to mess with
  • One more transition to a big potty eventually
Potty Seat (attaches to big potty)
  • Already on the big potty so no huge transitions
  • Somewhat portable if we're going to family or friends houses
  • Intimating more grown up behavior because she sees us use the big potty too
  • No mess to clean up 
  • Could fall off
  • As she gets older is may be harder to get on and off alone

Well, after talking about this list we've decided to go with a potty seat. Lovebug transitions well to new things, so I'm not so much worried about that, but frankly I don't want to clean anymore than I currently do! Plus, she will already sit on the big potty with me holding her, so why stop the momentum? I still don't know what to do about public toilets (although this is still way off for us). I mean, I guess you use those paper seat covers, but still. Ew! How do you juggle all your stuff, putting the baby up on the seat, wiping and holding the babies hands so they don't touch anything?! I need more hands.

So anyhow, once she gets up from an apparent marathon nap today (seriously, we're currently working on 4 hours) we're headed off to Walmart to purchase her very own Street potty seat!!

*Tear* My baby is getting too big!

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