Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things I'll never get sick of...

1) Hearing "Mama" come out of my sweet girls mouth! Seriously, my heart melts every time!

2) Watching Lovebug discover something for the first time. Yesterday it was her shadow and boy was she pleased with it!

3) When she smiles at me with the "I love you" smile. Whew. Gets me every time.

4) Seeing Lovebug get so excited when Dada gets home. She's definitely a daddy's girl :)

5) Cuddle time. Even if right now it's quick cuddles.

6) Middle of the night cuddles. Especially now with teething, Lovebug has been waking up in the night off and on. I usually go get her and let her lay with us for a few minutes before putting her back in her bed. It's the sweetest time. She cuddles so close, lets out the softest giggles and rubs my face. Such special moments.

7) Knowing that I get to be her mom forever. I'm still amazed by this fact daily and I certainly will never get sick of it!

Oh and seeing this face everyday...even when it's covered in yogurt :)



  1. Your thoughts are a direct reflection of my heart.

    Loving the picture!!! When our sweet baby girl gets "wild" with her food, I always remind myself...it is the process over product. Meaning...it is the process of self-feeding over the actual amount that gets in her mouth.

    Keep loving every mommy moment.

  2. Love it!!! I couldn't agree more!!