Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Really Huffington post? Really?

Excuse me, Huff? You've just dropped your credible rating in my  book! How irresponsible to publish such an inflammatory and inaccurate article! Has anyone else seen it? If not, here it is: Can adoption lead to child abuse?

What about the MILLIONS of children who are abused by their biological parents? Whats their excuse? If anything I would imagine parents who adopt their children as less likely to abuse their kids due to the intense screening we all go through to even become a waiting family. To make a connection that adoption can lead to abuse is so ignorant.

How about the connection that each of the kids came from families with 6+ kids. Maybe we should say having more kids makes you more likely to beat them! Watch out Du.ggar child #20... things aren't looking up for you....

Moreover, the author links the 3 abused kids to RAD, which is not a fact but an assumption since that was never reported in any case.

I would encourage the author as well and the Huffington Post to do a little more research, provide more facts and not publish garbage in the future. Because after reading that, it muddies the waters for all the other stuff they publish.

So what do you think?


  1. I've never heard of Huffington Post until now but I agree! How ridiculous to link child abuse and adoption! You should definitely try to contact them and give them a piece of your mind. We'll back you! =)

  2. I think the article also lumps all adoptions into one category as if every child adopted has suffered from abuse prior to adoption. Also there are children that have never been adopted that have attachment disorders. It is unfortunate and horrible when any child is abused and I think its unfair to link it to adoption. Its frustrating when the media perpetuates the "problems" with adoption. I think that the problem had to do with the parents not how these children joined the family.

  3. That news article angered me and the comments made me even crazier. The way the author responded was ridiculous.