Wednesday, November 2, 2011

She's a leopard ballerina...duh! ;)

Well, over the weekend I'm pretty sure I've gained 3+ pounds and given myself countless stomach aches by eating too much candy. What happened to me? I used to candy by the pillowcasefull at Halloween. Now the mixture or one Reeses and a Blowpop sends me into a sugar coma with a glucose hangover. Sad. My youth is but a memory friends.

But, luckily this sweet leopard ballerina is just beginning her road to sugar consumption!

We've had such a good time over the past week with her. We've gone to 2 dress up playgroups, 1 harvest festival and trick or treating(which had mixed reviews by Lovebug) and everytime she's was so excited to dressed up! The most amazing thing was she left the hood on the entire time! This coming from the sweet baby that pulls every clip, bow and rubberband out of her hair almost immediately. She must have known she just looked to darn cute to take it off!

Lovebug got her face painted at the harvest festival!

Lovebug and Daddy trick or treating!
Like I said before, Lovebug has mixed reviews about trick or treating. She LOVED being able to run down the street in her costume, she wasn't a fan of ringing other people's door bells! If we held her she was fine. If she had to walk up to the door she would start crying :( Luckily we just went to 3 neighbors houses and then called it a night.

All in all we had a great time and made some awesome memories! Now, it's time to look forward to the next two holidays of the year!


  1. So cute! I have noticed that people now give out way better candy than they did when I was younger! They actually hand out name brand stuff which makes it so hard to resist! Ha!

  2. Such a sweet leopard ballerina! Can't believe she kept that thing on her head!