Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picture blog!

Ok call me paranoid, but I prefer protective Momma... ;)

At any rate, I've never really liked sharing Lovebugs precious face with any and all internet goers who happen upon my blog and recently I've noticed some weird traffic coming from pretty random sites. So what I'm working on is a separate picture blog, that will be by invite only, that I will share pictures and videos on. Then on Wordless Wednesdays or Fridays or anyother time I want to post a pic, I'll make a post on this blog linking it to the picture blog and those with access can view them!

So, for all of my faithful followers...yes, all 13 of you (wink, wink), I'm extending you the first invites! If you would like to be able to view future pictures from the EWOH blog please message me your email address so I can add you to the picture blog! Once your added you'll be able to view the picture blog freely, just as you view this one.

Phew. Aren't you glad we got that straightened out?! I know I am.


  1. Are they coming by way of the open adoption roundtable? I've had a lot of visitors through that this weekend. Do you do a site tracker? I use feedjit and i can usually see where everyone comes from. Very helpful.

  2. I don't think so, but maybe. It was quite a few hits from a torrent site(?). Not sure exactly what that is, but it wasn't adoption blog related in the slightest. Also, over 50 hits from the Netherlands and quite of few from Sudan, among some other random places. IDK, I think I'll just be more comfortable this way :)

    I've seen your site tracker..I may have to snag it! Thx!

  3. I have had some weird things pop up on my stats, too. I tried to do some research on it and found several people saying that it's spam... that they'll randomly choose blogs and hope that you'll see it, then click on their link and join up with whatever site they came from. The advice was just don't click on their site. I haven't noticed mine recently.