Monday, July 18, 2011

Becoming a toddler

It's so hard to believe that in just a few short weeks our baby will be 1! How did this happen so quickly? How did we become the parents of a toddler?

Lovebug seems to change day by day. These days she all about Daddy! I can remember a few months back, my hubby was so sad that she didn't really reach for him or prefer to go to him. I assured him that it was just a stage that would quickly pass, but he longed for the days when he's return home from work to a very excited baby, dreaming about those days as if they'd never come. We'll babe, they're here! A few weeks ago we noticed that Lovebug was tapping her right ear frequently. I worried that it might be another infection, yet there was no fever or apparent discomfort. We wondered if it had to do with her new obsession over the phone. Was she pretending to say hello? Then one day, after Lovebug and I had been out of town over night, we figure out what it was: as we walked in and she heard Daddy's voice she excitedly started tapping her right ear again while grinning ear to ear and we realized she was signing DADDY! The correct sign is to hold your hand up and tap your thumb on your forehead, but for Lovebug, using her palm to tap her ear seemed best. This is now her favorite sign to do. She askes for Daddy throughout the day, then when he comes home and happens to be in another room she'll ask for him again or if I'm on the phone with Daddy and she hears his voice she'll smile and sign for him. It might just be the sweetest thing ever! It's amazing to see her comprehension of the world around her expanding! I love seeing her brain work and teaching her new things. As sad as it will be to see her infancy stage behind us, it will be equally as exciting to see our little girl grow! *sigh* But, in these next few weeks I'm going to savor this baby stage :)

Lovebug and her Daddy :)
 Sweet baby girl!

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  1. Glad to meet you over on the Tampa Bay Adoptive Family group! I will enjoy following your blog as well. You can follow our adoption journey- or my blog about adoption, motherhood and my life-
    We are starting the process to adopt our third! -Sarah